Different types of sex toys: Choose the right product for the right person

With the help of sex toys you can get unprecedented sexual sensations, explore your body and discover many unknown erogenous zones, bring a new wave to your fading sensations. Find the appropriate toys for your woman in order to get the full satisfaction, just as how girls scream for chastised men.

Types of sex toys

Buy a vibrator female best price in St. Petersburg. Vibrator, dildo, dildo, phallus or other analogue of the penis – a product that more or less accurately reproduces its appearance and functional features. It can be equipped with vibration or rotation and is intended for intimate massage of the vagina, anus and other erogenous zones. Mainly used for individual masturbation.

Anal stimulators: plugs, plows, corks, Christmas trees, dilators, balls, etc. serve to increase the sensitivity during sexual intercourse due to the approach of the walls of the anus and vagina in women. When a stimulant is inserted into the anus of a woman, the vagina is reduced in size, which contributes to a more dense insertion of the penis into the vagina – both partners get pleasure from it. Anal sex toys are also designed to prepare the anus for penetration.

Vaginal balls buy sex shop in ecstasy sex shop

Vaginal balls are designed to train the muscles of the vaginal walls, so that a woman develops the ability to regulate the volume of the vagina, making it narrower.

Vagina and masturbators buy online sex shop sex shop ecstasy

When using the penis is subjected to active massage effects due to all sorts of soft cones, pathogens located along the entire internal length of the device.

A pump massager for men contributes to an erection, i.e. is a means of preventing and treating sexual disorders. Its action is based on stimulating the blood filling of the corpus cavernous, as well as enhancing the receptor sensitivity of the penis, where the vast majority of the smallest capillaries actively open and fill with blood under the influence of the pressure difference.

Sex toys for clitoral stimulation

Clitoral stimulator is a product that plays the role of a kind of simulator, manipulations with which allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible fantasies, to use them in games with a partner. The stimulator is equipped with a vibrator, which is controlled by a special remote or built-in remote control.

Erotic Sex Dolls

Erotic sex dolls are designed to replace a partner with his temporary or permanent absence. It fully imitates the human body (women or men) in full growth (from 150 cm in height) with a detailed image of the genital organs and the anal zone.

Attachment to the penis and to stimulate the vagina and erection ring

Erotic rings and penis attachments accelerate the onset of an orgasm in women, and also maintain the state of maximum erection in men.

Lubricants for sex buy online sex shop sex shop ecstasy

Lubricants moisturize the genital tract and facilitate sexual intercourse. Please note that almost all devices must be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Falloprotez, strap on, and harness make it possible to at least partially reproduce the missing sexual functions of a partner (in the case of men, this is the partial or total absence of erection, in the case of women, this is lesbian love). All these sex toys you can find in the catalog of online store. But how to buy sex toys if you’re under 18? The answer is tricky but you can find out a way out.

How to choose a vibrator

As you may have noticed, our chain stores offer you a rich, diverse range of shocking vibrators and dildos of various shapes, sizes, colors. Therefore, the choice becomes a difficult task. The functionality of products is constantly expanding, and methods of use are complicated.

For which zone

When you come to the sex shop, first decide which zones you would like to use: the clitoris, the vagina, the anus? If you want to use only the vagina, then any vibrators that mimic the shape of a real penis are suitable for you. If you want a device that can simultaneously massage the vagina and the clitoris, choose products with “processes” – clitoral stimulants. Simultaneous exposure to several zones will provide you with the most vivid orgasm. Anal-vaginal vibrators is a great option for lovers of anal caresses. For point G, you will find products with a bend in the head. You can also buy Hi-tech vibrators, which can affect all zones at the same time, including point G. And the devices on suction cups will definitely appeal to those who love above.

The form

Pay attention to the surface of toys. These may be ribs, pimples, bleeding veins and a volumetric head, or simply a smooth surface. The more projections on the surface, the more intense the stimulation of the vaginal walls will be, the brighter and more multifaceted the sensations will be.

The size

With the appointment and form decided. Go to the choice of size. Here you need to be extremely careful and prudent. No need to go straight to the fact that more and thicker. Start small. A small tool will be much more convenient and comfortable for any girl, but with a lot of problems may arise.


The next equally important selection criterion is the material. It can be plastic, silicone, thermoplastic rubber (TPR), latex, gel and, of course, the most expensive cyber skin or ultra skin. Plastic products are not flexible at all; they are more suitable for clitoral stimulation. Toys made of gel and silicone are very flexible, pleasant to the touch, durable, simple and convenient to use, besides, they come in various bright colors: red, blue, pink, green, brown, black, transparent, etc. are the most realistic and quality, so their price is slightly higher than that of all others. They most accurately mimic real human skin, which is very much appreciated among buyers. However, it requires a little reverent care, unlike the rest. Another material is the velvety to the touch medical silicone, from which elite sex toys are made. It is hypoallergenic and completely safe to use. You can also find this material being used in cock cages for basketball players because of its hypo allergenic properties.

Vibration power

Another criterion is the power of vibration. Everything is clear here: the more powerful the vibration, the brighter the excitement and voluptuous sensation. Vibration regulator can be either built-in – more often it is just a wheel to adjust the intensity – and on the remote control with a wire.

Water resistant

Such a vibrator will certainly become an indispensable tool for sexual fun and games in the water. Relaxing in a warm Jacuzzi, bath or taking a shower, you can enjoy the exciting vibrations both alone and with a partner.


Many vibrators operate on “finger” AA batteries or “little pinky” AAA. But lately, there has been a user request for the operation of vibrators from a battery. This eliminates the need to search for batteries at the right time. It is enough just to charge the device in advance.


Pick a vibrator to your “taste”. Many prefer traditional flesh-colored toys: they are the most realistic. Others love bright colors for beauty and style. There are also products, glowing in the dark, for lovers of the unusual. But the most popular colors for girls are pink and red.

Types of expanding sex toys

Increasing sex toys are created precisely for penetration, so they have standard shapes. Two types of stimulants are most common.

Butt plugs: These are devices with a small size for a comfortable introduction, but then they begin to grow. This is an option for anal stimulation, like both men and women. Give fullness, massage the inner erogenous zones. The sensations from the application are similar to anal fisting. (But if you are just starting out – do not immediately strive for large sizes; choose something comfortable for habituation, for example, one of the small anal plugs).

Dildos: These are larger stimulants suitable for vaginal and anal sex. Their length is more than 12 cm, often there is no limiter, as in anal bushings. You can have a relief or smooth surface. The increase is recommended after immersion inside the body.

Who needs expanding sex-goods?

Who often buys sex toys with an extension? These are different people. But many can be collected in the following groups:

Fisting lovers: Expansion is a special practice that borders on pain and pleasure. Learning to get such a buzz is not easy, and it is for him that such things are created. Gradually increasing the volume gives very bright orgasms.

Those who are looking for unusual sensations: Regular sex does not allow feeling the growth of objects inside. And only with a sex toy is possible. It is difficult to compare this experience with other experiences.

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